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ATTENTION: Visa and Accel have recently updated their pre-authorization processing standards. The new standards apply to authorizations that hold an initial or pre-authorized amount on a card for a period of time until the final amount is known. The pre-authorization hold limit will go to $175.00. This will take affect May 22, 2022.


A preauthorization is a temporary hold placed on a credit or debit card. It is not an actual charge, although it does temporarily make the hold amount unavailable until the settlement or transaction clears. Companies use preauthorization’s to help secure payment. Preauthorization’s apply to several transactions. In general, gas stations, hotels, transportation services and restaurants routinely use preauthorization’s.


For example, gas station pre-pays or pay-at-the pump often place holds on cards to prevent the cardholder from avoiding making the payment by maxing out the card. 

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