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The online banking center for members of SwRCFCU


If you'd like to register your SwRCFCU account with our online banking center, Southwest ONLINE, please click on the "Not Enrolled?  Enroll Today!" link to your left and complete the required enrollment application.


If this is your first log-in attempt with Southwest ONLINE, please note the following important information:

LOGIN ID:  Your full member SAVINGS account number (include 000)

PASSWORD:  Your TEMPORARY Southwest ONLINE password (It's case sensitive and provided by SwRCFCU.  If lost or you require a reset, please click on the "Forgot Your Password" link to your left or contact SwRCFCU)

Upon log-in, you'll be prompted to change your temporary password to one created by you.  Next, you'll be directed to set-up Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) which protects your account and establishes your account security credentials.  If you wish to retain your temporary password, just enter it during the MFA process.  If you are the owner of multiple accounts at SwRCFCU, each account(s) must be registered via Southwest ONLINE independent of others. 

After completion of the MFA process, you'll immediately view you account details related to the registered account.  The MFA process is a one-time registration event and once credentials are established the process will not be repeated.   

Please note:  SwRCFCU offers preauthorized deposits (e.g., payroll checks, Social Security or retirement checks, or other government checks) and post date/times may vary from effective date/times viewed on Southwest Online.  In all cases, SwRCFCU will utilize the effective date/time and not the post date/time.  Also, most services offered via Southwest ONLINE require acceptance of Terms of Service (TOS) Disclosure(s) which can be modified or changed at any time or at SwRCFCUs' discretion.  This may trigger the (re)acceptance of any disclosure(s).  You may opt out of any service offered within Southwest ONLINE by clicking the SERVICES tab and unenrolling from that service.

ANY unauthorized user(s) attempting access to Southwest ONLINE unlawfully will be reported to authorities for prosecution with full cooperation from SwRCFCU.

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