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In order to access NTouch24 your web browser must be updated to the latest version. For assistance, contact the credit union at (304) 346-5242.

On Sunday, December 4th, NTouch24 will update to provide a more reliable and secure connection. If you are unable to access NTouch24 after this update, please click here to locate Instructions for enabling TLS 1.2. 

Follow these steps to pay your VISA Credit Card through NTouch24.
Payments made through NTouch24 will be credited in 24 to 48 hours; VISA will process on Saturdays but not on Sundays.

1.    Log in to NTouch24

2.    Use the "Quick Transfer" option available on the NTouch24 dashboard, or select "Transaction" from the Main Menu

3.    Choose which account you would like to pay from in the "From Account" option and select your credit card loan account in the "To Account" option

4.    Enter the "Amount" and an optional "Comment"

5.    Choose the "Transaction Occurrence" type you would like (not applicable when using Quick Transfer)

6.    Select "Process Transaction"

7.    Select "Confirm Transaction"

Follow these steps to access Bill Pay through NTouch24:

1.    Log in to NTouch24

2.    Select “Bill Pay” from the Main Menu

3.    Click “Enroll Now” in the pop-up window

4.    Then click “Bill Pay” highlighted in white on the sub-menu

5.    Review Terms of Service, select “I Accept” and click “Continue”

6.    Review Privacy Policy, select “I Accept” and click “Continue”

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