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This Credit Union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

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 Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union is currently dealing with the unscrupulous acts of fraudsters who have obtained copies of our Cashier’s Checks.  These people are reproducing the checks in an effort to fraudulently obtain money from unsuspecting people all around the world. 

With regards to a Cashier’s Check, there is cause for you to be concerned if:

·         You receive a Cashier’s Check in response to something you have sold over the internet.

·         You are asked to send a wire transfer, money order or otherwise return any portion of check proceeds to a third party.

·         You receive a letter declaring you have won a “prize” and must send money, via Cashier’s Check or money order in order to claim your prize.

·         You are asked to purchase a Cashier’s Check for $20 (or other small amount) and send a copy as proof of purchase in return for payment of a larger sum.

·         You have any reason to suspect that a Cashier’s Check you receive is not valid.


Don’t be a victim!

·         If a Cashier’s Check is later returned, you will be held liable for the bad check.

·         We are not able to tell you when a check you deposit will clear.

·         Even when we lift a “hold” on funds from a deposited check that does not mean the check has cleared.

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