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Notes on logging in:
- Your default login ID is your member number.
- If you prefer to use a different login ID that is easier for you to remember, you can change it while within NetBranch.
- Every login uses the following two authentication steps. 
1. The first determines if you are logging in from your previously registered computer.  If so, NetBranch will automatically skip to the second step.  However, if the login is not from your registered computer, then you will need to successfully answer one of your security questions, or request a one-time access token to be sent to your email address.  
2. After successfully completing the first authentication, you will be prompted for your password.  Note that you should see your security image and phrase to the left of the Login ID/Password blocks.  These help you confirm that you are visiting the authentic Autotruck Financial Credit Union Netbranch. 

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